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With a history of 14 successful years, St Francis de Sales School is a name you can trust.

St Francis de Sales School is not only about education its about Touching Lives and Moulding Future. Presently known as SFS, the school is a gift of the North East Province of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) to the people of Galsi and India at large. The school started with only 115 students, but down the years the number increased and today the school nearly 600 students. We have state of the art infrastructure with well equipped and furnished Science laboratories, Computer Labs, Sports and Games facilities, wifi campus and above all a true home away from home. We have adopted various measures to lighten the stress and to make learning a joyful experience of interaction between teachers and students through project presentation. We have also introduced a system that evaluates the comprehensive and continuous performance of the students and teachers. The S.F.S school primarily visualizes inculcating in every child a scientific temper and critical thinking, value based life skills and God loving young generation.

"Be What You are and be at its best"

- St. Francis De Sales

To be an institution of excellence in educational leadership committed to nation building and global citizenship based on the Universal Christian values taught and lived by Jesus Christ and advocated by St. Francis de Sales.

  • o provide a conducive and safe atmosphere to every student for joyful & holistic learning and a place for every employee to strive for excellence.
  • To provide a creative, engaging and scientifically tempered environment that would enable students to be globally competent.
  • To nurture leadership with a deep sense of professional ethics, national integration, universal brotherhood and respect for humanity.
  • To instill Fransalian values of gentleness with firmness, optimism and compassion.


-Rev. Fr. Michael Jacob

Touching lives and moulding future – this is our dream, aspiration, heartbeat and deep down longing of the heart. Here at St. Francis de Sales School, we do touch and mould the lives of the young boys and girls.

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